Born in Athens. For many years he lived in Paris, where he composed orchestral music
and directed for the Chaillot National Theatre among others.
He started making films in 1982. His films have been presented at many festivals worldwide.
He teaches acting for theater and cinema.


1982 Three Movements, experimental
1991 Isimeria / Equinox, feature
1997 To Athoo Soma / Desert Sky, feature
2002 The World Again, feature
2008 Music of the Faces, feature
2010 Tuesday, feature
2012 11 Meetings with my father, feature


Pseudonyms(1979), Dominique Grandmont, Centre of Contemporary Art, Paris.
Sonorville (1980), Urban Musical Spectacle, City of Ivry.
The Night of the Suppliants (1982), Aeschylus / Euripides, National Theatre of Chaillot and ARC.
The Imitation of the Silence (1983), tribute to Samuel Beckett, Theatre festival of Avignon.
The Seventh Gate (1985), Racine / Aeschylus, National Theatre of Chaillot.
As you like it (1999), Shakespeare, National Theatre of Greece.
Mabbot street (2003), James Joyce's "Ulysses", Roes Theatre, Athens.
Laurel and Hardy go to Heaven (2007), Paul Auster, Sfendoni Theatre.
Hamm and Clove (2008), Samuel Beckett's “Endgame”, Booze Cooperativa.
The Bitter Tears of Petra von Kant (2009), R.W. Fassbinder, Hora Theatre.
One act plays (2012), Harold Pinter, Alkmini Theatre.
Ett drömpsel (2014), August Strindberg, Alkmini Theatre.


He composed music for ensembles, which were performed at several festivals (Rome Villa Medicis, Paris IRCAM Beaubourg, Amsterdam, Cannes, Strasbourg Musica, Orleans, London, Middelburg, Athens).
He also composed music for his films and his stage directions.