A shelter is threatened by shutdown and demolition. 60 women of different ages, nationalities and social backgrounds gather in order to defend it, attempting to redefine their place in today’s world. By day they discuss and clash over all matters concerning them: society, sexuality, politics, relations, maternity, work. By night they let themselves free to express, dance, sing, confess their lived experiences to one another. What will come out of such an undertaking?

What we call Civilization  is a gendered civilization – it is the male civilization.

Violence is everywhere.

A different way of living on the planet is possible if women give their own imprint on all aspects of life
if they manage to distinguish their voice after millenaries of male dominance on everything, on thought and habits, on the very language we speak every day,
if they go beyond the mere equality of rights to seek their own language, their own way of doing things,
regarding social life and our ways of being together and sharing goods, our relation to the body and its desires,
it is only by means of the feminization of civilization  that an essentially different way of common life on Earth not governed by violence can exist
by the advent of MATRIARCHY
and if it sounds utopian, it is only the scenario
of a film.